Photo Story: Handsome Officer Woos outside comedy skits

Jubril O Gbadamosi popularly known by his stage name Officer Woos is not a new face in the comedy industry

He is one of the fast-rising instagram comedians in Nigeria. He rose to prominence after acting alongside his former UNILAG schoolmate Broda Shaggi, who is a top Nigerian Instagram comedian.


Officer woos has garnered an Instagram fan base of more than 788k followers with his sensational comedy style. He acts as a humourous stammerer in most of his comedy skits. He is mostly known for playing the character officer woos and wolisat in his comedy skits.


Officer woos is a Yoruba Muslim born on the 21st of December 1993. He is the son of Alhaja Romoke Bilikis Gbadamosi. He graduated from the University of Lagos in 2018. When he was in UNILAG, he was part of Broda Shaggi's comedy group called "Stage Addict".

Officer woos started his professional comedy career by making comedy skits as a Police officer alongside comedian Edgar Eriakh. Back then, his stage name was Inspector OG. He later changed his name to Officer Woos after joining Broda shaggi in his comedy skit.


Here are Handsome Photos of Officer woos outside his comedy skits.



Apart from comedy, Officer woos has appeared in different movies. He starred in Love is Yellow, a movie directed by Kayode Kasum. He also featured in season 2 episode 9 of RedTV's drama series, Inspector K. Officer woos is also into business, he had his merchandise ‘GOD NO GO SHAME US’ hoodies launched in 2020.

Officer woos is promising, he would go a long way not just in the comedy industry but also in the movie industry.


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